“We have been getting a lot of compliments. People have been telling us that our website looks great and is very easy to use. For this I blame you.”
Bruce A! Kraemer, Ego Actus Theatre Company
“Words cannot express my gratitude for the outstanding web site and promo cards."
“A job splendidly done with professionalism and creativity!”
“Your work ethic rocks!”
“The website looks FABULOUS!”
Valerie Auguste-Partin, Producer & Author
“In the past I've mentioned that fellow actor & retired IT guy, Sherman Alpert is my webmaster & suggested when you are ready to get your own web site to check mine out, because if you like it, Sherman can do one for you & he's very reasonable. I really love what he did.”
Bill Rapp, Actor, Voiceover Artist
billrapp7.com & billsvoices.com
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"One of our sons is studying computer programming and he took a look at our Ego Actus site. He used the word 'impeccable.'"
Bruce A! Kraemer, Ego Actus Theatre Company
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"Your work is wonderful, absolutely stellar."
Mary Murphy, Actress