My actor site, here showing a portion of the home page with my Demo Reel
Alec Dana
Actor, Model, Dancer
John Grieco
Portrait Artist
Alexis Avenue Voices
Voiceover Artists
GBanks Entertainment
Film Production Company
Kathrin King Segal, Singer, Songwriter, Actor,
Author - Integrated PayPal buttons for purchases
Bill Rapp
Actor, Model
Harri Molese
Actress, Model
William Kelly
Actor, Emcee, Concert & Show Producer
Ego Actus Theatre Company
Original Design (See above)
Catherine Nicodemo
Candice Myers, Actress, Model
(showing a portion her Modeling page)
Big Daddy Productions, Sports & Entertainment Memorabilia, Concert Producer (See below)
Bill Rapp
Voiceover Artist
Sandy Ehlers
Stand-up Comedian
Theater Company (Event Calendar)
(Weebly Web Builder)
Mitch McGuire
Actor, Director, Voiceover Artist
Sites I've Designed & Built
Make Your Move
Downsizing Organizers
Alpert Site Design
Web Design & Development
Breindel Wood
Ego Actus Theatre Co. Redesign (see
below) including live Twitter feed
I design Promo Cards as well
Here's one promoting a client's novel and film
Big Daddy (see above) name changed to Gaelic & Garlic Productions and website redesigned
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Let's Go Dutch
Video Series
I have also served as Webmaster for sites I personally did not 
initially design, but I designed and built new content for the sites.
Here are a couple.

Affordable Housing & Social Services
(Squarespace Web Builder)