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I will custom design and build your site working together with you as a collaborative team.

Here's a list of pages you might choose to have on your site.

  • Home page. This is the first thing a visitor to your site sees. This might include an introduction to you and your work and perhaps representative examples of your artwork or your demo reel.
  • Resume. Including a downloadable version of your single-page resume.
  • Photos. Headshots, stills from films/shows you've appeared in, or a gallery of your artwork. You can have as many images as you choose.
  • Videos. If you have a demo reel or other video clips, for example, from productions you've appeared in, they can appear here. You can have as many video clips as you choose.
  • Voiceovers. If you have voiceover demos or audio clips from productions you've worked on, they can appear here. You can have as many audios as you choose.
  • Bio. Tell your site visitors who you are and about your work.
  • Contact. Tell people how they can reach you.
  • Reviews. If you have reviews or comments on your work, they could appear here if you like.
  • Calendar. If you are a performer or artist with shows or live events, you can display your show dates on your site.

These are just suggestions and the choice is always yours. You might wish to have a single Media page with video clips and voiceover demos, or have your reviews appear on your Resume page, or your contact info shown on your Resume page or Home page.

I can also integrate a PayPal cart into your site so you can have items for sale (books, music CDs, artwork, or even, like one of my clients, memorabilia, etc.) that visitors can purchase directly on your site.

I can have your site show your live Twitter feed as well.

And if you want to display your upcoming show dates on your site, I can integrate your Google Calendar into your site you simply add events to your own public Google Calendar (not your personal calendar) and they will appear up-to-date on your site.


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